Supporting/Lead Performer for a Play (Majestic)

Supporting/Lead Performer for a Musical (Maj.)

Supporting/Lead Performer on Screen (Maj.)

Television Reporter (Majestic)

Stand Up Comedian (Gala)

Spoken Word Performance (Gala)

Sports Broadcaster (Majestic)

Radio Personality (Gala)

Television Personality (Majestic)

Outstanding Comedy Sketch (Gala)

Costume Design for Stage (Majestic)

Sound Design for Stage (Majestic)

Lighting Design for Stage (Majestic)

Scenic Design (Majestic)

Director for the Stage (Majestic)

Theatrical Production (Majestic)

Prop Design for Stage (Majestic)

Make Up Artistry (Gala)

Choreography for the Stage (Gala)


Sound Design for Screen (Gala)

Editing for Non-fiction (Majestic)

Motion Graphics (Majestic)

Editing for Narrative (Majestic)

Multi-track Recording (Gala)

Live Audio Mix (Gala)

Visual Effects (Majestic)




Writing for Television (Majestic)

Writing for Film (Majestic)

Writing for Stage (Majestic)

Fiction Prose (Gala)

Non-fiction Prose (Gala)

Written Comedy Sketch (Gala)

Poetry (Gala)



News Article (Gala)

Opinion Editorial Article (Gala)

Radio News Program (Gala)

Sports Article (Gala)

Outstanding Blog (Gala)

Review (Gala)

Podcast (Gala)

Print Publication (Majestic)

Photo Series (Majestic)

Animated Program (Majestic)

Production Design for Narrative (Majestic)

Short Film (Gala)

Cinematography (Majestic)

Single-Camera Direction (Majestic)

Cinematic Achievement (Majestic)

Documentary (Gala)



Social Advocacy Campaign (Gala)

Speech (Gala)

Political Campaign (Gala)







Print Advertisement (Gala)

Business Start Up (Gala)

Promotional Video (Majestic)

Public Relations Campaign (Gala)

Integrated Marketing Campaign (Gala)





Multi-Camera Direction (Majestic)

Lighting Design for Studio TV (Majestic)

Production Design for Studio TV (Majestic)

Special Production (Majestic)

Narrative TV Series (Majestic)

Variety TV Series (Majestic)

Music Video (Gala)

Television News Program (Gala)