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What a year it’s been. Thank you for joining us for The 43rd Annual EVVY Awards! Click here for a complete list of EVVY43 Award Winners!
This is an EVVY.

Like you, the EVVYs are super cool.

Not only is the physical award pretty snazzy, The EVVY Awards recognize the best of student work across every major and part of Emerson College. With something for all, what’s not to love?

Each year, we award EVVYs!

(and you could be the next EVVY winner!)

We do so at two shows — the Gala and the Majestic. Hosts, pre-taped video packages, choreographed numbers, professional audio, video, lighting and sets all combine together to make the largest student-run award show in the nation!

Did someone say student-run?

That’s right: every position, from all four departments, is staffed by an Emerson student. The combination of the creativity, imagination and determination from Emersonians continues to make the EVVYs one of the most celebrated events of the academic year.

This year… Welcome to EVVYWOOD!

The glitz and glamour of the Hollywood of yore — what dreams are made of! — takes center stage this year at The EVVY Awards. Hollywood has always been the place to reach for the stars, and we’re celebrating it and the amazing Emerson community here … at EVVYWOOD!

Join us on April 14th and May 10th, 2024!

Let’s talk EVVY43!

As we gear up for another unforgettable EVVY show, here are the answers to questions we think you’ll have!

We are so excited to announce our two show dates: April 14, 2024 (Gala) and May 10, 2024 (Majestic). Come join us in the Student Performance Center and the Cutler Majestic Theatre for two amazing nights of awards, honor, and community!

The EVVY Awards has a completely online submission process! Submitting your work has never been easier. Submissions for EVVY43 will open on December 1, 2023 and close on March 1, 2024.
Questions? Contact us at!

The Gala and Majestic EVVY award nights are two of the best parts of the Emerson College experience. The Gala offers a new take on the award show and includes a dinner, located in the intimate Student Performance Center in Emerson’s Little Building. The Majestic show is more traditional in nature and is located in the breathtaking Cutler Majestic Theatre. However, no matter the show or the location, one things remains the same: the EVVYs celebrate and recognize the amazing talent at Emerson College!

Absolutely! We’re always looking for more Emerson creatives to join our team. No matter your major, no matter your experience, there’s a place for you here, at the EVVYs! While Fall Hiring has passed, check in with us on Instagram and at the top of this page for career opportunities.
Any questions regarding hiring can be directed towards Thank you!
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