It’s time to submit. Yes, you heard us right! The EVVY submissions process is now open. This page will walk through you the steps to successfully submit your work to be nominated for an EVVY.
Already familiar with the EVVY Submissions process? Use these links to get started:

Before we begin, you’ll need…
an internet device (like this cute iMac!)
a payment method (like this $2 bill!)
your EVVY submission!
Ready? Let’s get started! (We can’t wait for you to submit your work!)

STEP 1 Check the awards!
Visit the Awards page on the EVVY site to see what awards we are offering for EVVY43.
STEP 2 Read the packet!
For submission specifics, and to get in-depth information on awards, read our Submissions Packet to see what you can submit.
STEP 3 Create an account!
Head over to Visit “My Account” to create an account, or log in if you’ve previously submitted.
STEP 4 Complete the form!
Once successfully logged in, click “SUBMIT” in the top right corner, or SUBMIT HERE on the homepage. Then, follow the on-screen instructions for submitting.
STEP 5 Checkout and submit your work!
Once complete, add your submission to your Cart and select Checkout. From there, use our payment process to add a credit or debit card and submit your work!
It’s also super easy to take your submission and apply it to other categories! Simply click “Copy Application” while in cart, or the checkbox at the very end of your application.
Hooray! You’ve now just submitted to The EVVY Awards. How awesome are you! Should you run into any questions along the way, email and

EVVY43 is bound to be our best year yet. With your creativity and work, we look forward to not only a great show, but an amazing opportunity to showcase the talented and incredible Emerson community.