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The EVVYs is proud to offer awards for all the creativity that Emersonians have. From film to journalism to theatre and everything in between, the EVVYs has something for everyone.

This year, the EVVYs will be hosting two events: the EVVYs Gala in April, and the Cutler Majestic show on May 12, 2023. Certain awards will be presented at specific events. Stay tuned for updates!


Outstanding Animated Program
Outstanding Cinematic Achievement
Outstanding Cinematography
Outstanding Documentary
Outstanding Lighting Design for Film
Outstanding Production Design for Film
Outstanding Short Film
Outstanding Single-Camera Direction


Outstanding Field Television Series
Outstanding Lighting Design for Studio
Outstanding Makeup Artistry
Outstanding Multi-Camera Direction
Outstanding Music Video
Outstanding News Program
Outstanding Production Design for Studio
Outstanding Special Production
Outstanding Studio Television Series


Outstanding Editing for Narrative
Outstanding Editing for Nonfiction
Outstanding Live Audio Mix
Outstanding Motion Graphics
Outstanding Multi-Track Recording
Outstanding Music Score
Outstanding Sound Design for Screen
Outstanding Visual Effects


Outstanding Fiction Prose
Outstanding Nonfiction Prose
Outstanding Poetry
Outstanding Writing for Comedy Sketch
Outstanding Writing for Film
Outstanding Writing for Stage
Outstanding Writing for Television


Outstanding Choreography for Stage
Outstanding Costume Design for Stage
Outstanding Direction for Stage
Outstanding Lighting Design for Stage
Outstanding Scenic Design for Stage
Outstanding Sound Design for Stage
Outstanding Theatrical Production


Outstanding Comedy Sketch Performance
Outstanding Lead Performance for Screen
Outstanding Lead Performance for Stage
Outstanding Radio Personality
Outstanding Spoken Word Performance
Outstanding Stand-Up Comedian
Outstanding Supporting Performance for Stage
Outstanding Supporting Performance for Screen
Outstanding Television Personality
Outstanding Television Reporter


Outstanding Blog
Outstanding News Article
Outstanding Opinion Article
Outstanding Photo Series
Outstanding Photojournalism
Outstanding Podcast
Outstanding Print Publication
Outstanding Radio Program
Outstanding Review
Outstanding Sports Article
Outstanding Sports Broadcaster

Marketing, Advertising + Communication Studies

Outstanding Business Startup
Outstanding Integrated Marketing Campaign
Outstanding Political Campaign
Outstanding Print Advertisement
Outstanding Promotional Video
Outstanding Public Relations Campaign
Outstanding Social Advocacy Campaign
Outstanding Speech
Post-Production image courtesy of Deutsche Fotothek‎, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE, via Wikimedia Commons
All other images courtesy of Unsplash
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