Woohoo! If you are reading this message, then yes — you heard us right — you are a nominee for EVVY43! We are so excited to have you join us for our nights of EVVY magic in just a few weeks. To help you prepare as a nominee, we’ve created this simple guide to get you ready for our show. From all of us at the EVVYs, we can’t wait for you to celebrate with us here … at EVVYWOOD!
STEP ONE Awards, where are you?! It all starts with the awards — and more importantly, where they go! Use the tabs below to see what event is paired with which events so you can plan accordingly to join us at one (or both!) of our events.
The Gala
The Majestic

STEP TWO Hi, my name is… As we prepare to compile graphics, voice recordings, and other media for our shows, we want to make sure that everyone has their name properly shared and listed. Simply complete the Google form below to record your voice and confirm your nominees.

We ask that this step is completed by Friday, April 5th.

Complete the Nominee Pronunciation Form here!
STEP THREE Buy your tickets! Here’s what you need to know about ticketing for our shows.
The Gala We are excited to announce that tickets for this year’s Gala — for all people — are FREE.

Each nominee is entitled to one ticket, plus a guest. On the ticket page, your access code for your reserved seats is first initial + last name (John Smith = jsmith). Should you not need your +1 ticket, simply purchase one ticket so we can reassign it. Given space and size, there is a limit of 200 tickets being sold.

We ask that folks secure their seats by Wednesday, April 10th, or they will be released to our general pool.
The Majestic We are excited to announce that nominees’ tickets for this year’s Gala are FREE.

Each nominee is entitled to one ticket, plus a guest. Each guest will pay a ticket price. Should you not need your +1 ticket, please let the Box Office know of your decision.

Tickets for nominees will be sent to their Emerson email address by April 18th at the latest.
Majestic tickets coming soon!
STEP FOUR Reserve your housing! For Emersonians looking to stay on-campus during the week of the EVVYs (May 3rd–May 11th,) please visit the Housing page to complete your Extended Stay Application, which closes April 15th.
STEP FIVE Check your email!
Chances are you’ll be hearing from various members of our team leading up to the event. Make sure to give them a read! Additionally, if you have any questions of your own you’d like to send, blast an email off to ep@evvyawards.org. Thank you!
And that’s it! We are so excited to have you be a part of EVVY43 this year. Welcome to EVVYWOOD, you nominee, you!