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Teams & Departments

Broadcast Crew

The crew for the live broadcast of the EVVYs is one of the largest crews on Emerson’s campus. The Broadcast Crew is made up of camera operators, camera utilities, and control room positions.


Theater Crew

Theatrical Production Supervisor:
Be sure to attend general meetings at the beginning of the spring semester for the latest updates.



Tech Managers:
If you have any interest in the technical side of live television, the Tech team is for you. Throughout the year, the Tech Managers make preparations for rental equipment and the technical needs of the show. In the spring, engineers, utilities and other members of the team are hired. During production week, the Tech team is responsible for placing, cabling, and configuring broadcast equipment in the Majestic.



Audio Managers:
The Audio team does what the Tech team does with video… just with audio! The Audio Managers spend the year collaborating with other teams on the production to ensure everyone that needs to be heard during the show has a mic… and they do more complicated stuff, too (did you know you could send a ton of different audio signals over a BNC cable?! I KNOW, RIGHT!?). Our Audio EIC, oversees all pre-recorded audio elements for the broadcast. If you love recording, live mix, or anything in-between get in contact with the A-team!


Stage Management

Stage Manager: 
Stage management is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re a stage manager and would like to work on the EVVY Awards in some capacity, get in contact with our stage manager! Because the stage manager is the nerve-center for theatrical productions, questions about other theatrical departments you’re not sure where to send may be answerable by our Stage Manager.


Video Segment

Segment Producer:
Even though the EVVYs are a live show, there are several segments in the show that are pre-taped. The Video Segment team is responsible for producing these segments. Each year, a large-scale video segment is produced for the beginning of the show and has traditionally been one of the largest single-camera productions on campus. The Segment team is one of the best places for film majors to get involved with the EVVYs. If you would like to work on the crew of our video segments, e-mail our Segment Producer.


Production Management

Line Producer:
Production Manager:
Production Coordinator:
Craft Services Coordinator:

If you’re a problem solver, OCD about organization, or in love with office supplies, Production Management is for you. Production Management gives another meaning to being behind-the-scenes in television. Everything from the production’s budget, schedule, tickets, trophies, housing, playbills, seating, and timing, and communicating with each department to create a cohesive, organized staff is the responsibility of the Production Management team. If you’d like to get involved with the PM team, interview to be an Assistant Production Office Coordinator or Production Assistant in the spring.


Script Department

Production Supervisor:
Script Supervisor:

Do you love excel and word? How about spending hours on end highlighting the paperwork to make that perfect show. Love the print and copy department and love paper even more? Welcome to the script department! Creating the script and rundown which will be used to walk the entire cast and crew through the show for the entire year.


Sponsorship and Sales

Sponsorship and Sales Manager: 
If you’re interested in selling advertisements, contacting corporations to sponsor the show, acquiring donations, or fundraising, then join our Sponsorship and Sales team! One of the most crucial teams in the organization, Sponsorship and Sales is perfect for marketing majors, business minors, and people who love to sell!


Judges, Presenters, and Roll-Ins

Judges Coordinator:
Presenters Coordinator:
Roll-Ins Coordinator:

Every awards show needs people to judge each category and present each category on stage. If you’d like to contact industry professionals (like Hollywood producers, graphic designers, or Broadway professionals) about the possibility to judge or present a category, join our Judges, Presenters, or Theatre Relations teams! The EVVYs also presents a Congratulatory Package played during the show that consists of “roll-ins” from celebrities. Which means, we get celebrities to congratulate the winners of EVVY Awards. If you’d like to help with this effort, join our Roll-Ins Team!



Submissions Coordinator:

In order to have an awards show, we need students to submit their work for awards. If you’re interested in learning how our online submissions system works, contact Danielle to help with submissions!


Special Events

Special Events Producer:
Every spring, The EVVY Awards has a banquet to recognize students in the fields of writing, marketing, print and online journalism, and photography. If you’re interested in helping coordinate and plan this event and other special events associated with the EVVYs, join producers Alicia and Gina on the Special Events team!


Talent & Associate Producers

Talent Producer:
If you couldn’t tell already, the EVVYs are enormous. An army of producers is necessary to pull of the show each year and every army needs a general. The Supervising Producer oversees teams of Associate Producers, each assigned to a specific task or department. Casting and talent relations takes up most of their workload.



Head Writers:
(Almost) nothing that happens on-stage during the EVVYs isn’t written by our writing team. Watching the Oscars, EMMYs, and other award shows, you may take for granted that every award intro and host joke was written by a screenwriter. If you’re interested in writing for comedy, the stage, and/or the screen, find a home with the writing team.



Lighting Designers:
Master Electricians:

Who cares who wins EVVYs if you can’t see them? Each year, our lighting team tackles one of Emerson’s hardest shows to light. Take advantage of this opportunity to work on a student designed and produced show and e-mail our lighting designers to find out how you can get on their team.



Scenic Designer:
One of the most important (and visible) components of the EVVY Awards, the scenic elements are what visually set the tone for the show from the very beginning. As one of Emerson’s largest productions every year, students involved in the scenic  team are able to get hands-on experience on a theater show with a huge budget–unlike anything else here at Emerson! Email us now to find out more about all of the possibilities the EVVY scenic team has to offer!


Post Production & Graphics

Post Production Supervisors:
Lead Graphic Designer:

Even though the EVVYs are a live show, portions of the production are pre-taped and need editing! The EVVYs prides itself on being one of the only student organizations to offer training and hands-on experience with industry-standard AVID editing applications. In addition to editors, the Post Production team needs motion graphics designers to design every graphic element seen in the live show and in pre-taped segments. If you’re interested in editing or graphics, contact our Post Production Supervisors.


Styling Teams

Wardrobe Supervisors:

The EVVYs show is much like a professional theatrical performance, and costumes and make-up are a very integral part of the experience. Throughout the year, our makeup and wardrobe teams work hard to make sure that everyone looks good when the talent is onstage in the Cutler.



Music Producer:

Since the EVVYs feature many live performances and Emerson student talent, large portions of the show require music supervision and intense choreography. From designing the sound of the show to working with the performers, music is one of the most crucial parts of the EVVY experience. If you are interested in assisting in our music department, please contact our music producer. Dancer auditions will also take place later on in the school year.


Marketing Team

Marketing Director:




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