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The 31st Annual Evvy Awards

Evvys 31 Winners and Awards


Outstanding News Article

“Finding Those Who Live in the Dark” – Beth Treffeisen

Other nominees

“Foursquare: Boston Businesses Aren’t Checking In” – Kate Spalla
“Pelton Packs Pacific Paintings” – Eric Twardzik
“Salumeria Italiana, a taste of the old country, adapts to digital age” – Melyssa Cantor

Outstanding Review

 Andrea Shea

Other nominees

“Review of Footloose” – Erin Doolin
“Grad Students Test Literary Waters with Reading Series” – Eric Twardzik
“In Defense of Young Adult Fiction” – Taylor Tetreau

Outstanding Sports Article

“Player balances football, fatherhood” – Colleen Casey

Other nominees

“A dangerous and speedy weapon” – Evan Sporer
“Heart of a champion” – Colleen Casey
“The Other Side of the Track” – Elizabeth Torres

Outstanding Photography

“Comforting: A mother consoles her son at Boston’s 9/11 memorial.” – Ryan Catalani


Other nominees

“Mayan Sky” – Hope Kauffman
“Western Maine: a portrait” – Brian Annis
Cave Priest, Lalibela, Ethiopia” – Sophia Solomon

Outstanding Photojournalism

“Live at Outside Lands” – Caitlin Higgins


Other nominees

“Pelton stands in front of the LA campus construction site” – Ryan Catalani
“President Pelton’s Art Collection” – Sarah Verrill
“Authority” – Lauren Foley


Outstanding Integrated Marketing Campaign

“Museum of Science Weddings” – Maxwell Peters, Marissa Kelley, Benjamin Hicks, Natalie Zhou, Zaina Alhizami

Other nominees

“Google+ Campaign” – Mady Scolnick
“Svedka Vodka Marketing Campaign” – Elijah Clark-Ginsberg, Dana Cornelius, Hilary Kee, William McHugh
“Party Here, Party Now: Svedka Vodka IMC Campaign” – Lexie Fleege, Amelia Jimenez, Allyson Mecca

Outstanding Advertisement

“Speechless Promotional Video” – Megan Lutz, Dawn DiCicco

Other nominees

“Jordan Stillman For Vocal Performer” – Joshua Sackheim, Ross Lippman
“4 Iroquois Teaser Trailer”
 – Jonathan Hart, David Seekamp
“Hollywood Car Films Episode” – Anthony Esposito

Outstanding Public Relations Campaign

“Museum of Science Weddings” – Maxwell Peters, Marissa Kelley, Benjamin Hicks, Zaina Alhizami, Natalie Zhou

Other nominees

“Body Electric” – Stephanie Miceli , Matt Grossbart , Donna Levin


Outstanding Original Play

“A Missing Hymn Somewhere” – Sebastian McCall


Other nominees

“East North Up” – Ruben Raskin
“Phantoms of the Guild” – Stephanie Mathews
“Rough & Tumble” – Patrick McDonald

Outstanding Poetry

“Cathexis in Cape May” – Caitlin Donahue

Other nominees

“A True Life Fairytale” – Samantha Gordon
“Sil/ence” – Zachary Filkoff
“Poems found in used cars” – Liam Ariel

Outstanding Prose – Fiction

“Sweet” – Eric Twardzik


Other nominees

“Rising Up” – Jon Simmons
“Shotgun” – Natasha Don
“Rules Need Not Apply Here” – Claude Zeins

Outstanding Prose – Non-Fiction

“Žalost” – Tamara Omazic

Other nominees

“Samuel Adams: A Statesman, Incorruptible and Fearless” – Taylor Tetreau
“Renaissance Men” – Eric Twardzik                                                                               “Plague Winds in Cyberspace” – Eric Twardzik

Outstanding Writing for Comedy

“RAMROD – Pilot” – Zachary Ehrlich


Other nominees

“Modern Family – Study Buddies” – Samantha Gordon
“Parks and Recreation – Website” – Olivia McLean
“Parks and Recreation – Waffle Brunch” – Alex Trivilino

Outstanding Writing for Drama

“One Killer Musical” – Neil McNeil, Tim Zientek


Other nominees

“Super Zero” – Neil McNeil
“On Ascension Island” – Joseph Hamilton
“The Art of Falling in Love” – Patrick Heywood


Outstanding Social Advocacy Campaign

“Emerson College It Gets Better Project: Coming Out Stories” – Alex Clarke, Jessica Corwin

Other nominees

“The Iceland Global Project” – Kerry Velez, Alejandro Castillo, Jeremy Sender, Heather Corazzini, Christopher Eyer
“Emerson College It Gets Better Project: On Campus” – Alex Clarke, Jessica Corwin
“Emerson College It Gets Better Project: Advice” – Alex Clarke, Jessica Corwin

Outstanding Political Campaign

“De la Canal 2012: Believe” – Nicholas De la Canal, Allison Singer

Other nominees

“Bringing Mike to You” – Emma Krause
“SGA’s Academic Reform initiatives” – Tau Zaman, Caitlin Higgins, Tanya Flink
“Student Government Association Dining Services Reform Initiatives” – Tau Zaman, Caitlin Higgins, Tanya Flink


Outstanding Internet Broadcast

“Hitler is Rejected from Emerson College” – Claude Zeins

Other nominees

“WECB News Presents: Candidates’ Night Fall 2011” – Melyssa Cantor, Kate Spalla, Nicholas De La Canal
“4 Iroquois” – Bryan Rogers
“Adventures in Boston: Bovas” – Liam Ariel

Outstanding Blog

“Emerson Fashion Society” – Kate Spalla


Other nominees

“Just Off Mainstream” – Ryan Pfleiderer
“Beyond the Moat” – Jenna Nagler, Matthew Chase Finn
“WECB News” – Melyssa Cantor

Outstanding Video Blog

“The Side Dish” – Katelyn Hollenbeck, Ariana Sigel, Alyssa Altman, Alex Trivilino

Other nominees

“EVERYTHING ENAMOR: Boston Fashion Week” – Taylor Meacham, Kate Spalla
“How to Analyze Facebook Insights to Improve Your Content Strategy” – Anum Hussain
“Midterm Ramblings” – Jordan Stillman

Outstanding Web Design

“The Berkeley Beacon” – Ryan Catalani


Other nominees

“EIV News” – Joshua Sackheim, Kevin Cochran
“Emerson Fashion Society” – Kate Spalla
“WECB News”  – Melyssa Cantor


Outstanding Beginner Video

“Dream Hits – Meat” – Zachary Kornfield

Other nominees

“Yes Today” – Yuhaojie Zheng
“Fill In The Blank” – Yuhaojie Zheng
“Dream and Memory” – Yuhaojie Zheng

Outstanding Multi-Camera Direction

“The EVVY Awards Vocal Showcase” – Kevin Cochran

Other nominees

“EIV News: Live at 9” – Kevin Cochran
“Good Morning Emerson” – Rebecca Wahle
“EIV News: Live at 9” – Erin Mulligan

Outstanding Field TV Series

“Reel Reactions” – Jamiesen Borak, Leslie Diana

Other nominees

“Internment” – Jordan Perry, Zachary Bernstein
“The Roger Episode” – Marlowe Griffin Lyddon, Roger Ouellette, Benjamin Kabialis, Quinn Marcus
“Ten Days in New Hampshire” – Liam Ariel

Outstanding Studio TV Series

“Trending” – Collin Kittredge Smith, Kelsey Solywoda


Other nominees

“The Uplink” – Rob Barton, Steve Selnick
“Good Morning Emerson” – Dawn DiCicco, Megan Lutz
“The EVVY Awards Vocal Showcase” – Matt Caruso, Natalie Casper, Emily Freund

Outstanding News Program

“WEBN-TV 2012 Iowa Caucus Special” – Satenik Karapetyan , Kate Spalla

Other nominees

“The Uplink” – Rob Barton, Steve Selnick
“Good Morning Emerson” – Dawn DiCicco, Megan Lutz
Ten Days in New Hampshire” – Liam Ariel, Ben Tan

Outstanding Television News Segment

“Old School vs New in Boston Council Race” – Joshua Sackheim

Other nominees

“Backyard Boston: Duck Boat Tours” – Jordan Baker, Heather Hoglund
“Charlestown” – Jaclyn Cangro
“Backyard Boston: Broadway in Boston” – Jordan Baker, Heather Hoglund

Outstanding Television Reporter

Irena Zofchak

Other nominees

Jaclyn Cangro
Joshua Sackheim
Kate Spalla

Outstanding Radio News Program

“Revisiting Southie” – Joshua Sackheim

Other nominees

“You Are Here – The South End” – Joshua Sackheim
“Who is Little Donna?” – Nicholas de la Canal
“The Velocitip System” – Nicholas de la Canal


Outstanding Multi-Track Recording

“New York” – Robert Chen

Other nominees

“Suffocating” – Justin Chun, Jordan Stillman
“Out The Door” – Robert Chen
“Tonight I’m Gonna Blow” – Charles Makary

Production Design for Screen

“Pitch Battle 2” – Ted Marsden, Caitilin Lynch

Other nominees

“Shake, Rattle, Roll” – Devynne Lauchner
“War Dogs” – Nick Haridopolos, Ali Rubinfeld
“Batman: Code of the Knight” – Paul Goleburn

Outstanding Sound Design for Screen

“All Lit Up Trailer” – Robert Chen

Other nominees

“The Womanhood” – Emily Smith
“Fable” – Edgar Rosa, Justin Chun
“617 The Series – Episode 1: The Pilot” – Robert Chen

Outstanding Editing

“Sever” – Taylor Meacham


Other nominees

“NIGHT WORE ON” – Jake Topkis
“Most Likely” – Rachel Globe, Ellen Dickson
“Commonwealth” – Ian Curran

Outstanding Motion Graphics

“Fable” – Thomas Pettinelli, Auston Ricketts, Kyle Haley, Bilali Mack, Todd Greenberg, Anya Dubble Olson, Jen Chia

Other nominees

“Backyard Boston Title Sequence” – Matt Rudinski, Dylan Winter
“Bearstronaut – Moniker Music Video Teaser” – Matt Rudinski
“Orientation Core Staff Video 2011” – Alfonso Carrion

Outstanding Live Audio Mix

“Musicians Wanted” – Ryland Roberts

Other nominees

“EIV News: Live at 9” – Megan Lutz
“The Uplink” – Ryland Roberts, Megan Lutz
“The EVVY Awards Vocal Showcase” – Ryland Roberts, Megan Lutz