Isabella Boettcher

Creative Content Executive Producer

Major: Studio Television Production
Past EVVYs Titles: Director’s Assistant, Production Supervisor
Advice for New Members: Don’t be afraid to talk to people! The best way to learn is to ask a lot of questions, so ask away!

Kristen McLaughlin

Logistics Executive Producer

Major: Producing
Past EVVYs Titles: Executive Assistant, Production Coordinator
Advice for New Members:  Work hard and smile. If your work doesn’t make you smile, then why do it?

Daniel Sheehy

Technical Executive Producer

Major:  Studio Television Production
Past EVVYs Titles: Playback Assistant Director, Video Marketing Coordinator
Advice for New Members: Always ask questions. Collaboration is key to success.

Kiera Wilson

Creative Aesthetic Executive Producer

Major: Studio Television Production
Minor: Political Communication
Past EVVYs Titles: Executive Assistant, Roll-Ins Coordinator, AAOD Producer
Advice for New Members: Never get discouraged by a misstep, never take yourself too seriously, never stop working, and always try to find the humor in any situation (I promise – it’s there!)


You can contact the Executive Producers at ep@evvyawards.org.

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