Alex Clark

Executive Producer

Supervises: Creative Division: Aesthetics

Major: Studio Television Production

Minor: Marketing

Past EVVYs Titles: Assistant to Executive Producer, Talent Coordinator

Favorite EVVYs Memory: Working as the assistant to one of the Executive Producers my freshman year taught me more than I ever expected and I constantly reminisce about the extremely long days we had during production weeks.

Advice for New Members: Work hard and stay dedicated, but at the end of the day, no matter how stressful it may get, have fun and don’t be afraid to laugh along the way.

KJ McCann

Executive Producer

Supervises: Technical Division

Major: Studio Television Production

Past EVVYs Titles: Assistant to the Director and Production Supervisor
Favorite EVVYs Memory: The first time I saw Rocky Horror show perform in full costume and lights.  I thought it was so good that I actually cried.
Advice for New Members:  Do whatever it takes to do what you love and do not give up.  Even if you don’t get that position that you really wanted that does not mean you should give up.

Sam More

Executive Producer

Supervises: Logistics Division

Major: IDIP: Production Management for Stage and Screen

Minor: Business Studies

Past EVVYs Titles: Production Assistant, Talent Coordinator

Favorite EVVYs Memory: Being the talent coordinator for the Alumni Award of Distinction Winner, Aaron Ryder. Getting to meet and actually talk to Mr. Ryder was a very cool experience and he had lots of great insight on the entertainment industry as well as life in general.

Advice for New Members: It’s OK to be friends and still work together just as long as you know the line between friendship and business. We’re all in college and want to make our friends happy, but sometimes the best decision is made when the friendship is put aside and the issue is seen from a non-biased perspective.


Lauren Rovere

Executive Producer

Supervises: Creative Division: Content

Major: Studio Television Production

Past EVVYs Titles: Executive Assistant, Supervising Producer  

Favorite EVVYs Memory: Being an executive assistant meant that I was able to see the show grow from start to finish. Sitting in the control room during EVVYs 32 and seeing everything that we had all worked so hard for was an amazing experience. 

Advice for New Members: Make friends! The EVVYs is a wonderful place to meet other students you wouldn’t normally get the chance to. Don’t be afraid to make connections and find people you work well with


You can contact the Executive Producers at ep [at] evvyawards.org.

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