Joseph Awgul

Executive Producer
Supervises: Technical Division
Major: Studio Television Production

Past EVVYs Titles: Executive Assistant, Production Supervisor

Favorite EVVYs Memory: From The 31st Annual EVVY Awards, I loved getting to sit back stage during the show with Emily Freund, the Executive Producer and watch her shine over how well the show was going. Getting to see nine months of hard work pay off is one of the most satisfying moments. From The 32nd Annual EVVY Awards, counting down the final 10 seconds of the show with Alison Puzio hearing the relief from every single person in the entire control room.

Advice for New Members: Ask questions! Be outgoing! Don’t be afraid to go up to someone who has worked or works on the production and ask them questions. Perhaps you want to work as the Production Supervisor and you want to know how to get to that position or perhaps you want to be the Executive Producer one day! Everyone who has worked for The EVVY Awards in some capacity has some experience that can be relative to you.


Zach Ehrlich

Executive Producer
Supervises: Creative Division: Content
Major: Writing for Film and Television Minor: Political Science

Previous EVVYs Titles: Writing Staff

Favorite EVVYs Memory: Staying up late with the writers of EVVY30, coming up with ridiculous promo videos that we shot ourselves. Seeing the set for EVVY32 for the first time and realizing that our script was about to be realized in the most spectacular way possible. Asking people about their positions and beginning to understand the full measure of dedication and collaborative awesomeness that goes into every element of this show.

Advice for New Members: Don’t be afraid. Ask lots of questions! Try new stuff! Put your ideas out there! Ask for help if you need it! Have all of the fun! Start that tattoo parlor you’ve always wanted! In the immortal words of Will Smith, “fear is not real.”


Tara Heaslip

Executive Producer
Supervises: Logistics
Major: Studio Television Production

Past EVVYs Titles: Screens Technical Director, Unit Production Manager

Favorite EVVYs Memory: Working with all of the departments during production week of The 32nd Annual EVVY Awards to make sure scheduling was going smoothly. It was such a relief sitting in the Cutler Majestic and watching the show live knowing that all of our stress and hard work paid off. It was also great watching the show as we rehearsed it and seeing it become more and more solid as we ran through it. We had been talking about these numbers and awards for months and to see them finally form in front of me was a great experience.

Advice for New Members:  Don’t be afraid to let people know your goals. If you tell somebody where you want to go at Emerson, or even where you want to go after you graduate, they’ll make sure to help you achieve that. I let people know I wanted to produce The 33rd Annual EVVY Awards and ended up receiving advice and opportunities that helped me get to this point. And if you let people know what you want to do after you graduate, people will remember your goals and keep you in mind for helpful opportunities when they come up!


Tess Ryan

Executive Producer
Supervises: Creative Division: Aesthetics
Major: Film Production

Past EVVYs Titles: AP, Video Marketing Director/Producer

Favorite EVVYs Memory: Making the EVVY32 Stop Motion (promotional) video: from the very beginning, when we got a group together and brainstormed what The EVVYs really meant to us, to the school, etc; all the way through the adventuring around Emerson’s campus and documenting every creative group of unique individuals; to finally putting it all together on the studio’s green screen and seeing what a diverse and SUPER school we were in!  Oh, and getting to dress up EVVY32 host Jeff Mitchell like a ballerina.

Advice for New Members:  Remember that it’s all a collaboration – we’re all working together to make this show the best party of the year – and we need your help!  The crazier your idea, the more we want to hear it.  Ask questions, be yourself, and go get ‘em tiger.


You can contact the Executive Producers at ep [at] evvyawards.org.