The 34th Annual Evvy Awards

Supporting Actor for Stage
Allister Baudoin- By Grace
Alex Giggey- By Grace
Elliot Masters- Cat on a Hot Tin Roof*
Dylan McCollum- The Taming of the Shrew


Supporting Actress for Stage
Magi Calcagne- James and the Giant Peach*
Polly Hilton- By Grace
Jessica Price- The Taming of the Shrew
Molly Ronis- By Grace


Beginner Film
The Boxer- Taylor Jarvis
Mother- Clara Lorant*
Onset- Matthew Planer
Voicings- Alexander Powell


Short Video
Black Lives Matter- Roxbury Protests- Lloyd Mallison
Color- Maggie Ambrose, Roger JC Lee, Emily Pietro
Redford- Roger JC Lee
Wonderment- Daniel Orentlicher*


Radio News Program
York County vs. Evangelicals: The Battle Over Heritage USA Remains- Nick De La Canal*
From Israeli Elections to Unresolved Art Heists- Nick De La Canal, Jacob Carozza
This Transgender Life- Nick De La Canal, Patrick Torphy
Fighting Opiate Deaths: Program Distributes Overdose Reversal Drugs in NC- Nick De La Canal


Multi-Track Recording
Heartless- So Choi*
Hug War- Brandon Cardwell
Love In Stockholm- A Day in the Life- Nick Riebesehl
Thursday Night Lights Theme Song- Harris Rubenstein


News Article
After Moving to Dismiss Lawsuit, Emerson Responds to Mass Criticism- Christina Jedra
Dead Right: Joel Stillerman, Alum, Helps Foster AMC Hits- Jessica Waters
The Hidden Guardians of Boston- Beth Treffeisen
Straus Remembered for Kindness, Humor- Christina Jedra*


“Into the Woods” Trailer Leaves People “Wishing” For More- Bridget McCarthy
One Man’s Trash: The Perks of ‘So Bad They’re Good” Horror Movies- Jason Madanjian
Returning to the Silly and Smart World of Jacque Tati- Jason Madanjian
Sensation Comics #29- Michael Moccio*


Lost Boy in China- Chen Xu*
Retirement- Catherine Gessner
Skylar- Beth Treffeisen
Women- Carina Allen


Black Lives Matter Protest- Nydia Hartono*
Boston Harbor Pilot- Beth Treffeisen
Community Honors Straus with Memorial- Carly Wickham
Finally, at Sunset, Tom Crosses the Boston Marathon Finish Line- Ryan Catalani


Print Publication
Atlas Magazine: The Transformation Issue- Mehak Anwar, Chantelle Bacigalupo, Anna Buckley, Paola Camargo, Caroline Cassard, Alexis Clemons, Erin Corrigan,
Marlo Jappen, Erin Kayata, Holly Kirkman, Lauren Milne, Miriam Riad
The Berkeley Beacon: Jan. 22, 2015- Ryan Catalani
Gauge Magazine: Disguise- Loretta Donelan, Belinda Huang, Courtney Tharp*
Your Magazine December 2014- Daniel LeMar, Claudia Mak, Matt Mullen


Integrated Marketing Campaign
The Broadhollow Theatre Company MarComm Plan- Sammi Elefant
Elan- Shekinah- Glory Beepat
New Balance- Alaina Belanger
Pizza Hut: The Flavor of Now- Isaac Amerling, Sean Clampett, Macy Day, Renee Deschene, David Dominguez, Kelly Groglio, Joe Johnson, Emily Lowe, Grace Magnusson, Autumn Myers, Andrea Torres*


Big Red Event Poster- Sammi Elefant
Moon Jeans- Carly Kaplan
Nutella Ads- Carly Kaplan*
Out of Home Advertisement for Harley- Davidson’s Granola: Bar & Shield- Alara Icten


Public Relations Campaign
Barq’s Root Beer Marketing Communications Plan- Capri DeBiccari
The Broadhollow Theatre Company MarComm Plan- Sammi Elefant*
I Am Passionate- Paola Camargo
NEWMAC, New Expectations- Alexander Fauver, Giuli Frendak, Catherine Gessner , Reed Holtzman, Madison McGahan, Wisima Sam Nipatnantaporn, Alex Pappas, Amanda Tessier, Joslyn Yeager


64,000- Shannon Butler, Alexandria Ellison, Amber Hood, Taylor Jett, Mona Moriya, Larianny Perez, Felicity Poussaint, Penelope de la Rosa, Alyssandra Taylor, Dorcas Thete, Sheba Wood, Nyla Wissa
Saying Goodbye at a Wedding- James Sanders*
Suicide of a White Rabbit (Were We Really That Bad)- Capri DeBiccari
Untitled (Mike Brown)- Alexandria Ellison, Taylor Jett


Prose- Fiction
Ariadne in the Labyrinth- Alexa Kelly
Hemingday- Alexander Morand
The Hipster Dad’s Guide to Judaism and Santa Claus- Robin Goldberg
Super- Marissa Tandon*


Prose- Nonfiction
Anything that Helps and Doesn’t Hurt- Christina Jedra*
For Andy- Jessica Waters
The Fire on North Farms Road- Sierra Smith
The Women of My Family- Jessica Waters


Internet Broadcast
Let’s Talk About It- Will Duncan, Dana Kendall
Rap the News: Ebola- Daniel Chamberlain*
SHOW!- Austin Dodge, Jackson Merchant
Thursday Night Lights- Jack Ross, Harris Rubenstein, Ian Sutherland


Beacon Beats- Jack Adams*
Emertainment Monthly- Michael Moccio, Shannon O’Connor
Five Cent Sound- Clare Fuller, Mackenzie Kuester
Your Mag TV- Rivka Herrera, Hannah Perrin, Your Mag TV


Web Design
The Berkeley Beacon: Snow Day Calculator- Ryan Catalani Chelsea Roden
“Harrison”, A Short Film Website- Alex Ayer,  Lindsay Miller*
Puppy Timeline- Meredith Weber


Lead Actor for Stage
Elliot Masters- A Planet All Your Own
Dallis Seeker- Lonely Planet
Dallis Seeker- A Planet All Your Own*
Alex Smith- Lonely Planet


Lead Actress for Stage
Brooke Johnson- Contractions
Peri Lapidus- Contractions
Andrea Leon- Ramos- A Planet All Your Own
Kim MacCormack- Cat on a Hot Tin Roof*


Actor for Screen
Pablo Calderon- 2
Harrison Jeffs- Free Pizza
Chase Parker- Paladino*
Hao Zheng- Goldfish Alley


Actress for Screen
Josephine Cooper- Paladino*
Layla Kornota- September 27th
Emma Grace Luken- Let’s Talk
Catherine Yamashita- Kitty’s Revenge


Radio Personality
The Barr Brothers Live at WERS- Janine Moody*
Jimmy Jukebox 100th Episode- James Cajigas
Tennis Live at WERS- Janine Moody
Wild Child Live at WERS- Janine Moody


Television Personality
Madelyn Abry
Mike Cantalupo
Will Duncan*
Lyndsey Kempf


Animated Program
Bird- Tori DeYeso
Kimball- Christina Catucci, Greg Wayne*
R- Amanda Goldman, Andy Schlebecker
Tossed- Zachary Rezowalli


Intermediate Film
Easy- Elliot Barnes- Saoli Nash*
Grapes- Emily Bateman, Jake Cannavale, Matthew Chauby, Matt Ciampa, Pablo Escobosa, Savannah Hubbard, Jordan Hwang, Kristiana Gomez, Paul Grant, Samuel Kim, Grayson Kohs, Nicole Ledoux, Jocelyn Lee, Mitch Moormann, Emmy Walrath
redruM- Taylor Jarvis
A Story Without Words- John Daniel Depa, Emily Solomon


Cinematic Achievement
Alien Communications- Kurtis Theorin
Enterrado- Daniel Sanjur
My Kid’s Dog- Adam Sloves*
Ravine- David Nieman


All the Difference- Matthew Chauby
Drink to Live, Dream to Die- Yuhaojie Zheng*
Fabrice- HairyFried- Christopher Macken
Two- Stroked: A Love Story- Jacqui Carriere


Broken Soil- Gabrielle Urbonaite, Tommy Harkey
Ravine- David Nieman
Takin’ it to the Streets- Luke Mahoney, Madeline Rivera, Zachary Stetson, Shefali Vasudevan
Two Stroked: A Love Story- Jacquelyn Carriere, Victoria Kanaris, Lucian Maisel*


Single- Camera Direction
Enterrado- Daniel Sanjur*
A Fat Guy and Some Fish- Jeffrey Cooperhouse
GUMBALL- Kurtis Theorin
Theo Buys a Cake- Zachary Bernstein


Multi- Camera Direction
Breaking News! Episode 2- Nathan Carolan
EIV News at 6- William Hart
Good Morning Emerson- Episode 18- Fall 2014- Kevin Estavanik*
The Mike Cantalupo Show- KJ McCann


Field TV Series
Backyard Boston: Allston- Lexie Oberwetter, Sabrina Roussel
Backyard Boston: Cambridge- Lexie Oberwetter, Sabrina Roussel
Reel Reactions- Fall 2014- Katie Caro, Sam More
WEBN’s The Road to the Super Bowl 49- Lucas Frankel*


Special Production
Emerson Channel Presents: Police Geese- Lexie Oberwetter, Kiernan Zehring
Grounded- Keely Donnelly, Claire LaPlante, Lauren Rovere*
The Mike Cantalupo Show- Michael Cantalupo, Sarah Weber
Musicians Wanted: The Color and Sound- Skylar Hellyer, KJ McCann, Alex McCormick


Studio TV Series
EIV News at 6- 4/9/14- Jess Dyer, Sam More*
EIV News: Live Update- Nathan Carolan, Claire LaPlante
Good Morning Emerson- March 17th, 2015- Dan Sheehy, Kiernan Zehring
The Uplink Spring 2014- Episode 3- Shiraz Dhume, Nick Riebesehl


News Program
EIV News at 6- 4/9/14- Jess Dyer, Sam More
EIV News: Live Update- Nathan Carolan, Claire LaPlante
WEBN’s Mayor Menino Special- Angelina Salcedo
WEBN News- Amanda Cordero*


Television Reporter
Anthony Chasse*
Amanda Cordero
Jennifer Currier
Logan Leavitt


Editing for Narrative
2- Elliot Barnes*
En Passant- Daniel Kendi
Neighborly- Jordan Hwang, Cal Laird
Theo Buys a Cake- Ryan Ross


Editing for Nonfiction
FastTracks Edit- So Choi
POWERADE- Spec Commercial- Ryan Ross
Ravine- David Nieman, Samantha Kirsch*
Welcome to Hollywood- John Lewis


Motion Graphics
Dance Apocalyptic- Daniel Chamberlain
EmTV Games Graphics- Daniel Kendi and Nick Riebesehl
Plastic Cup Politics- Tori DeYeso*
SuperHOT- Steven Kane


Live Audio Mix
“Don’t Be Jealous”- Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds- Brandon Cardwell
“Juniper” by New Madrid- Virginia Wright
“Our Lives, Our Time”- Chadwick Stokes- Brandon Cardwell
“You” by LeoLeo- Virginia Wright*


Sound Design for Screen
Mayflower- Alexander Uriati*
Neighborly- Mitchell Moormann
Sucker- Jake Greenstein
Superposition- Emily Erdbrink, Victor Rodriguez


Lighting Design for Studio Television
Closing Time Ep. 1 2015- Emily Jacoby
Musicians Wanted- Love in Stockholm- Emily Jacoby
Musicians Wanted- The Color and Sound- Carey Gilbride, James Piccirillo
Speechless Finale (Fall 2014)- Justin Kobylt*


Production Design for Narrative
Delightfully Delicious- Kevin McCarthy, James Papilla
A Fat Guy and Some Fish- Tara Butler, Jeffrey Cooperhouse
Normal Behavior- Emily Bateman
Sucker- Kelsey Barrett*


Production Design for Studio Television
The Mike Cantalupo Show- Joshua Warner*
Musicians Wanted: 20th Anniversary Special- Catherine Collins
Musicians Wanted: Color and Sound- Carey Gilbride, James Piccirillo
Rapid Fire- Carey Gilbride


Writing for Film
Enterrado- Daniel Sanjur
Faire- Olivia Harvey*
Oscar- Matthew Newman
Roanoke- Zach Ehrlich


Writing for Television
Parks and Rec “Clueless”- Kate Blye, Matt Newman*
Settle Down- Harrison Richlin
Supernatural- “Go Your Own Way”- Matt Gerrish
A Violent Act “Pilot: Day One”- Harrison Richlin


Writing for Stage
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close- Matthew Begbie*
A Planet All Your Own- Jamie Davenport
The Silent Table- Lily Richards
We Are Ugly- Eli Lutsky


Sound Design
Elizabeth Cahill- Contractions
Bridget Driscoll, Paul Hoover- Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Anna Drummond- A Planet All Your Own*
Paul Hoover, Simon Kiser, Charlotte Morrill, Lily Richards – The Taming of the Shrew


Isa Braun- A Chorus Line
Emerson Urban Dance Theatre- Anarchy*
Amber Layne- Emerson’s Best Dance Crew Presents: The Endgame
Norelle Cretarolo- SexyBack


Claire Epstein- A Planet All Your Own
Devin Fletcher- The Taming of the Shrew
Michael Levine- James & the Giant Peach*
Zack Mooney- Lonely Planet


Theatrical Production
James and the Giant Peach- Kidding Around*
Lonely Planet- Rareworks Theatre Company
A Planet All Your Own- Rareworks Theatre Company
The Taming of the Shrew- Emerson Shakespeare Society


Costume Design
Jez Insalaco- Lonely Planet
Kitty Lipski- James and the Giant Peach
Kitty Lipski- Follow My Light*
Emily White- A Planet All Your Own


Lighting Design
Amy Elliott, Sean Pieroth- The 33rd Annual EVVY Awards
Amy Elliott- A Chorus Line
Annelise Ryan- The Melville Boys
Stephen Wilkinson- James and the Giant Peach*


Scenic Design
Rebecca Carr- Lonely Planet
Claire Epstein, Katie Grindeland, Kylie Kirk, Michael Levine, Tyler Ramirez, Brendan Regan- James and the Giant Peach
Julia Kreitman- Dancing at Lughnasa
Joshua Warner- The Taming of the Shrew*