The 33rd Annual Evvy Awards

Outstanding News Article
Boston Public Garden’s one-man band keeps on going – Tyler Salomon
Getting vulgar with Bulger: Doc comes to Emerson, accompanied by gangster’s former flame – Jessica Waters*
LA Center opens up, not just to students: Programs aims to include community – Evan Sporer
Wayans’ World – Jessica Waters


Outstanding Review
‘American Hustle’ is an Immersive Crowd-Pleaser with Electrifying Performances – Michelle Douvris
Buds of the Future – Matthew D’Innocenzo*
“The LEGO Movie”: The Birth of a New Classic – Zack Sharf
Tomorrow Never Knows: A Turning Point – Dillon Riley


Outstanding Sports Article
Alex the Great: How Ovechkin is scoring so many more goals – Evan Sporer
Carroll’s Corner: Fraser Strong – Tom Carroll
Carroll’s Corner: The life and times of Pat O’Brien – Tom Carroll*
Team USA vs. Russia hockey: Explaining T.J. Oshie’s shootout success – Evan Sporoer


Outstanding Photography
A Walk Down Memory Lane – John Hughes
Indigo Summer – Evan Walsh*
Once Upon a Time – Elizabeth Ruddy
Store Front Reflection Series – Justin Ney


Outstanding Photojournalism
A moment of silent remembrance at Emerson’s 12th annual 9/11 vigil on Boston Common – Ryan Catalani
Sierra In Treatment – Sarah Verrill*
The first night of the late-night T – Ryan Catalani
Unclaimed runner possessions filled the street on the night of the Boston Marathon bombings. – Ryan Catalani


Outstanding Print Publication
Stork Magazine Fall 2013 – Becca Pollock, Jenna Greenberg
The Berkeley Beacon: April 18, 2013 – Evan Sporer
The Berkeley Beacon: October 10, 2013 – Evan Sporer*
Your Magazine December Issue – Olivia Jacobini, Claudia Mal, Claudia Mak, Daniel LeMar, Matthew Mullen, Elijah Clark Ginsberg


Outstanding Integrated Marketing Campaign
Emerald Empowerment – Kelsey Buckley, Emily Engelhardt
Emerson Channel Sports. All Sports. All Emerson – Amanda Tessier, Annie Hall , Claire Nobles, Conor Judge, Eric Lawton, Joanna Flaminio, Joslyn Yeager, Kelli Lefler, Kinsey Minschke, Madison McGahan, Michael Carbone, Monique Medina, Noelle St. Louis, Wisima Sam Nipatnantaporn
Karmaloop’s 2014 Integrated Marketing Campaign by Homies Boston – Michelangelo Aragon, Doria Dallos, Katya Atat, Meghan Sanborn, Resham Mirani, Valeria Navarro
Mary Kay – Katherine Raymond, Aidan Paringer, Cedrine Streit, Christopher Junior, Daniel Wong , Emily Bromell, Eric Smolen, Evan Tetreault, Joelle White, Molly Stern, Reed Van Dyke, Teresa Amoedo, Valeria Carta, Valeria Navarro*


Outstanding Advertisement
#Nominate Yourself ERA Awards Promo – Brandon Cardwell
Powerade Speculation Olympics Commercial – Kelly Pylinski, Julian Cohen, David Dominguez, Zachary Bernstein
Should I Submit To The EVVYs? – Jackson C Davis
Summon Your Genius – Chen Xu*


Outstanding Poetry
Joggers, Math, and the Never-ending Battle between Good and Evil – Nicholas Hanley*
Little Red – Elizabeth Ruddy
par terre – Ruthie Kirchner
The Peppers Must be Tended to – Rachel Crowe


Outstanding Prose – Fiction
Aokigahara – Alexandra Dokus
Rosie Gonzales Describes Her Future Husband – Erin Arata*
The wholeness you carry – Katherine Bove
Vigil – Alexandra Dokus


Outstanding Prose – Nonfiction
Blue Jay – Robin Goldberg*
Dear Prince Charming, Please Text me Back – Amanda Doughty
For the Young Americans – Laurie Hochman
Her Over Mind, Matt – Matthew Newman


Outstanding Blog
Emertainment Monthly, Emerson College’s Official Entertainment Magazine -Michael Moccio, Shannon O’Connor
Five Cent Sound – Asnley Alongi
The Pantry Raid – Sienna Mintz
Your Magazine Blog – Olivia Jacobini, Madeline Bilis, Megan Tripp*


Outstanding Online Media
Life’s a Happy Song – Brandon Cardwell, Annie Lefley*
Misdirection Episode 3: Cast Bonding – Shiraz Dhume, Jamiesen Borak, Jesse Sheehan
Play Me, I’m Boston’s – Brandon Cardwell
Spinning the State – Episode 1 – Logan Leavitt, Tamara Sacharczyk, Taylor Smith


Outstanding Web Design
Proyecto Carrito – Ryan Catalani
Radical Face Dot Com – Daniel Orentlicher
Radio Open Source – Ryan Catalani
The Berkeley Beacon: Emerson Los Angeles Special Coverage – Ryan Catalani*


Outstanding Live Audio Mix
“Lover, She’s Waiting For You” – Samantha Farrell – Brandon Cardwell
“Morton’s Fork” – Typhoon – Brandon Cardwell*
“The Letterbomb”- Milagres – Brandon Cardwell
Wild Club – Christopher Battaglia


Outstanding Sound Design for Stage
Next Thing You Know – Alex Lonati
Seussical – Ali Laffer
The Listener – Taylor Ness*
Unwrap Your Candy – Alex Lonati


Outstanding Choreography
Seussical – Ali Laffer*
So Damn Gold
Sweet Dreams
The Seagull


Outstanding Supporting Actor for Stage
J.B. – Blake
Romeo Aur Juliet – Alanda-Tejada
Seussical – Nash Hightower*
Unwrap Your Candy – Dylan McCollum


Supporting Female Actor for Stage
Cymbeline – Wilson
Romeo Aur Juliet – Young
Unwrap Your Candy – Cooper
Unwrap Your Candy – Eden*