The 32nd Annual Evvy Awards


Outstanding News Article
“Campus radio station to hire its first ever professional host” – Jackie Tempera
“Profile of A Young Egg Donor” – Melyssa Cantor
“Facebook looking for new friends” – Taylor Smith
“How To Make A Nightmare” – Jason Madanjian


Outstanding Review
“Spring Breakers’ Reel Reactions Review” – Michael Murphy
“Kidding Around has a ball with Cinderella  ” – Jason Madanjian
“New Media and Why Your Low Opinion of Webcomics Is Probably Wrong” – Andrea Shea
“Not-So-Guilty Pleasures” – Patrick Delgado


Outstanding Sports Article
“Patron handles disease, volleyball with care” – Elizabeth Torres

“Prospect Report: Matt Grzelcyk ” – Evan Sporer
“Ancient Rivals Boast Future Teammates” – Evan Sporer
“The incredible athletic department you’ve never heard of” – Tom Carroll


Outstanding Photography
“Ribbons” –  Morgan Cottle
“The Strong People – Elwha Elk” – Matthew Lowe
“Venice at Night” – Johnny Quinones

“Kasteel Well Self Portrait” – Sarah Verrill


Outstanding Photojournalism
“Jack White Live at Agganis Arena” – Jeeyoon Kim
“Gregory Payne” –  Ted Keffer
“All Quiet on the Equality Front” – Sarah Tedesco
“A candlelight vigil at Emerson’s annual Sept. 11 memorial” – Ryan Catalani


Outstanding Print Publication
“The Berkeley Beacon Nov 1, 2012” – Heidi Moeller
“YourMag – April Edition” –  Olivia Jacobini, Kilian Webster, Emily Tannenbaum

“Atlas Magazine: The New Renaissance” – Sarah Dwyer
“Gauge Outside” – Eric Twardzik


Outstanding Integrated Marketing Campaign
“STEPPS Marketing Campaign Proposal ” – Rebecca Wahle, Natalie Casper
“Star Trek Into Darkness Marketing Plan ” – Blair Mosberg
“The Kevin Bright Workshop: Die Laughing” – Karlan Baumann, Mara Martin
“EIV News Presents: Consumed Marketing Campaign” – Rebecca Wahle, Bekah Skopil


Outstanding Advertisement
“The Dish promo – Entertainment Cruelty” – Ariana Sigel, Alyssa Altman
“Backyard Boston – Rap Promo” – Erin Doolin, Kristen Mortensen, Jamiesen Borak
“Bricen Chitty – The 8-Year-Old CEO” –Ryan Edgington
“EIV News Presents Consumed, Get Involved Promo” – Rebecca Wahle, Alison Puzio


Outstanding Public Relations Campaign
“Ikea” – Blair Mosberg
“#ChristianBAonToday ” – Christian Bergren-Aragon
“Kettle”- Maureen McDermott, Emily Chu, Emily Wood, Lauren Seigle
“Magic Beans” – Sherwin Su, Taylor Fattoross, Dana Isernio, Meghan Sanborn, Samuel Dubin


Outstanding Original Play
“Boom Country” – James Kennedy
“The August Plays” – Daniel Robert
“Chase Your Rainbows” – Matthew D’Innocenzo
“Catatonia” – Daniel Robert


Outstanding Poetry
“Cleanse” – Tau Zaman
“Impaired” – Alex Pappas
“Boom Spell” – Tau Zaman
“Fish Scales, Ember, and All Things Left Behind” – Melanie Lieberman


Outstanding Prose – Fiction
“The Best and Most Beautiful Fish Funeral” –  Erin Arata
“The Obligatory Things” – Kayla Maiuri
“Authenticity” – Jon Simmons
“Labyrinth” – Katherine Bove


Outstanding Prose – Non-Fiction
“Riding to Kings Mountain” – Marlowe Griffin Lyddon
“Anasilan” – Kierston Rusden
“In the First Place” – Jennifer Lennon
“Crying Silently” –Sarah Tedesco


Outstanding Social Advocacy Campaign
“All Boston Student Union” – Mark Rizzo
“Emersons Aim to End Violence” – John Dentinger, Dennis Connors, Colin Faherty
“Emerson Colleges Polling Society” – Juliet Albin,  Felix Chen, Siobhan Robinson
“Emerald Empowerment” – Lauren Cortizo


Outstanding Political Campaign
“De la Canal 2013: Let’s do sh*t” – Nicholas De la Canal
“Re-elect Emily Wald for Class of 2015 Vice President” – Emily Wald
“Obama reelection campaign “Progress 2012″” – Nancy Kwan
“Frack Free USA” –Grey VanDeMark


Outstanding Speech
“Schools Kill Creativity – Rhetorical Analysis Speech” – Paige Newman
“Rhetorical Analysis of Michael Moore’s 2003 Oscar Acceptance Speech” – Barbara Banda
“Rhetorical Analysis Speech” – Holly Horne
“Emotions and the Internet” –Regis Schratz


Outstanding Internet Broadcast
“Charlie Puth, from YouTube to the Recording Booth” – Robert Koehler
“Mob Wives of SI” – Lyndsay Cannon
“Hurricane Sandy and Snowstorm Nemo” – Erin Farley
“All Eyes on OZ” – Lyndsay Cannon


Outstanding Blog
“The Man Cave” – Tom Carroll, Luke Fraser, Pat Hutchinson
“The Emerson Roar” –Robin Goldberg, Ian Stewart, Emily Goodridge, Kelsey Buckley, Marysa Angell, Juliana Fultineer, Kerri Killeen
“Little Word Bites” – Melanie Lieberman
“Em Magazine Online” – Erin Doolin, Hannah Brown, Joseph Polino


Outstanding Video Blog
“The Side Dish – Fall 2012” – Connor Tracy, Brooke Marin
“The Beacon Beat” – Ryan Catalani

“The Byte” – Jamiesen Borak, Shiraz Dhume, Jesse Sheehan
“The Gay Break-Up(s)” – Kassie King


Outstanding Web Design
“Quiyk Website” – Matt Lowe, Ryan Catalani
“Gauge Magazine (“Code” Issue) Web Design” –Ryan Catalani
“” – Matt Lowe, Ryan Catalani
“Kelly Groglio Freelance Site”  – Kelly Groglio


Outstanding Short Video
“Beauty vs. Beat” – John Clifton
“Walden” – Cooper Vacheron
“Nightlight” – Nicole Gibson, Daniel Orentlicher
“The Second Generation” – Max Collins


Outstanding Multi-Camera Direction
“Uplink Episode 4 Directors Track” – Matt Caron
“Emerson in Motion Director’s Track” – Karinna Trapanotto
“Good Morning Emerson” – Rob Barton
“EIV News @ 9 Election Special ” – Dan Park


Outstanding Field TV Series
“WEBN’s 2013 “The Emmy Experience” – Jordan Moncada, Dominique Banas, Mykah Murphy
“Backyard Boston, Episode 4” – Erin Doolin, Kristen Mortensen
“Backyard Boston, Ep.5” – Erin Doolin, Kristen Mortensen
“Make it Work” – Emily Summerhayes, Samantha Gordon


Outstanding Studio TV Series
“Breaking News! Spring 2013 Episode 2” –  Manuel Jaquez, Samantha Gordon
“Green Room Diaries Episode 1” – Ariana Sigel
“Good Morning Emerson Episode 3 (Spring 2013)” – Tara Heaslip, Ian Steele
“Good Morning Emerson Episode 5 (Fall 2012)  – Dawn DiCiccio, Megan Lutz


Outstanding Television News Program
“The Uplink” –  Rob Barton, Steve Selnick
“EIV News Presents: Consumed” – Alison Puzio, Rebecca Wahle
“EIV News at 6 – 03/20/13” – Nick Riebesehl, Erin Farley
“Good Morning Emerson – Season Finale” –Megan Lutz, Dawn DiCicco


Outstanding Field Segment
“Students Campaign for Sexual Assault Reform” – Mal Meyer
“Charlie Puth: From YouTube to the Recording Booth” – Robert Koehler
“Merrimack Homecoming” –  Max Collins
“EIV News Presents: Consumed, Road to Recovery” – Kleoniki Wilson, Erin Farley


Outstanding Television Reporter
“Musical Boston” – Sawyer Hurwitz
“Hurricane Sandy Aftermath” – Erin Farley
Jackie Bradley Jr. – Red Sox Prospect Profile – Courtney Swift
“Joshua Sackheim” – Joshua Sackheim


Outstanding Radio News Program
“I Plead Insanity ” – Joshua Sackheim
“Zaman Expresses Leadership through Resident Assistant Position ” – Mariesa Negosanti
“Science Behind Music” – Erin Connolly
“Lawyers Who Advertise” – Joshua Sackheim


Outstanding TV Special Production
“EIV News Presents: Consumed” – Alison Puzio & Rebecca Wahle
“Emerson In Motion” – Dawn DiCicco, Rob Barton, Joseph Awgul
“Musicians Wanted: Me Vs Gravity” – Robert Koehler, Devon Mahoney, Mara Martin
“The Uplink – Behind the Scenes” – Rob Barton, Matt Caruso, Joseph Awgul


Behind the Scenes

Outstanding Editing
“Dead Wolf” – Andrew Nolan
“Road. World.” – Yuhaojie Zheng
“I’m Here” – Cooper Vacheron
“EVVY31 Sizzle Reel” – Alyssa Carroll, Steven Nemroff


Outstanding Motion Graphics
“The Climb” – Joslyn Yeager, Bilali Mack
“Stuff” – Emily Freund
“What’s For Lunch” Documentary Title Sequence” – Annie Lefley, Chase Finn
“Noun Project: Moon” –  Steve Nemroff


Outstanding Live Audio Mix
“Antonio Sanchez Live at Scullers” – Eric Heikkila
“Red Wanting Blue – Dinosaur” – Vitor Hirtsch
“Breaking News Episode 2” – Eric Heikkila
“Bottom of the River” – Delta Rae” – Brandon Cardwell


Outstanding Multi-Track Recording
“Makin’ Ice – Ripe” – Ryan Barnada
“Useless Landscape” – Vitor Hirtsch
“”Hit the Road” – Italo Cunha” – Vitor Hirtsch
“Samurai Girl” – Justin Chun


Outstanding Production Design for Screen
“The Blue Stella” – Peter Rosati
“The Final Invocation” – Tess Ryan
“The Cleaning Crew” – Devynne Lauchner
“Fifth of July” –Brannon Smithwick, Mara Martin


Outstanding Production Design for Television
“EIV Consumed” – Carey Gilbride
“Amped” – Gabrielle Giarrusso, Juliet Bournigal , Alex Tsui
“Emerson in Motion” – John Lewis, Matt Noel
“NBS’s Musicians Wanted Episode 2” – Tess Ryan


Outstanding Sound Design for Screen
“Solidarity” – William Blanchette
“Leaving Home” – Cooper Vacheron
“Easy Money” – Daniel Orentlicher
“The Wanderer and His Shadow” – Jordan Meltzer


Outstanding Writing for Comedy
“Ghost Cop” – Richard Moreno
“Wing Baby – How I Met Your Mother Spec” –Daniel Kahn
“Breaking News News-Flash! Season 2, Episode 3” – Zach Ehrlich, Patrick Heywood, Jamie Loftus, Brad Beideman, Catherine Goodson, Zach Connolly, Arthur Hickman
“Cake” – Danielle Lynch


Outstanding Writing for Drama
“Leaving Lebanon” – Sophia Youssef
“The Newsroom: Lets Report the News” – Anna Thorup
“Disorder” – Pamela Mora
“Summer of Love “Pilot”” – Zach Ehrlich



Outstanding Sound Design
“Milena, Stripping” – James Blaszko
“The Pride” – Katie Williams
“Faust” – Mike Stanton
“Fantastic Mr. Fox” – Patrick Greeley


Outstanding Choreography
“Fantastic Mr. Fox” – Jeff Mitchell
“The Drowsy Chaperone” – Kayla Bryan
“Cinderella” – Lauren Kelly
“Extremities ” – Rose Fieschko


Outstanding Director for the Stage
“Extremities” – Hashil Gagoomal
“Fantastic Mr. Fox” – Jeff Mitchell
“Boom Country” – Jessica Martens
“The Drowsy Chaperone” – Nicky Maggio


Outstanding Costume Design
“Tartuffe” – Dana Olinsky
“The Pride” – Rebecca Carr
“Grapes of Wrath” – Vivian Del Bello
“Drowsy Chaperone” – Sarah King


Outstanding Lighting Design
“Melina, Stripping” – Joey Guthman
“The Winters Tale” – Jennie Rodriguez
“Grapes Of Wrath” – Anthony Fiorillo
“Small Steps” – Grayson Breen


Outstanding Scenic Design
“Extremeties” – Jody Steel, Nash Hightower
“The 31st Annual EVVY Awards” – Holly Sverdrup
“The Pride” – Joey Guthman
“West Side Story” – Holly Sverdrup


Outstanding Theatrical Production
“Boom Country” – Jessica Martens, Daniel Jones
“The Drowsy Chaperone” – Nicky Maggio, Jessica Martens
“Extremities” – Harshil Gagoomal, Mari Watson
“Fantastic Mr. Fox” –Jeffrey Mitchell, Jessica Martens



Outstanding Lead Male Actor for Stage
“Boom Country” – Felix Teich
“The Drowsy Chaperone” – Travis Clayton
“Extremities” – Tyler Cantanella
“Tartuffe” – Zak Stevens


Outstanding Lead Female Actor for Stage
“In the Blood” – Evy Yergan
“Milena, Stripping” – Mary Rochford
“Boom Country” – Sarah Innes
“The Winter’s Tale” – Shanae Burch


Outstanding Supporting Actor for Stage
“The Pride” – Brian Dratch
“Spring Awakening” – Danny Irwin
“The Drowsy Chaperone” –Joseph Barbosa
“Spring Awakening” – Orrin Whalen


Outstanding Supporting Female Actor for Stage
“Boom Country” – Jamie Davenport
“Spring Awakening” – Danielle Bowen
“Tartuffe” – Lilliana Winkworth
“Extremities” – Michelle Martinelli


Outstanding Actor for Screen
“A Messy Affair: Tim” – Jared Brown
“A Messy Affair: Jim” – Andrew Asper
“The Green Room Diaries – Character: Ben” – Nick Riebesehl
“Thaw” – Jordan Perry


Outstanding Female Actor for Screen
“Girl Interrupted” – Victoria Petrosky
“Kara” – Melissa Jesser
“Bridesmaids Brunette” – Nicola Cauro
“Bridesmaids Blonde” – Pernilla Ahgren


Outstanding Radio Personality
Aakruti Jagmohan
Lissa Pappas
Jamie Loftus
Bentley Holt


Outstanding Television Personality
Joshua Sackheim
Matt Newman
Megan Mitchell
Ross Lippman



Outstanding Animated Program
“Whats For Lunch” – Annie Lefley, Chase Finn
“Til Death Do Us Part” – Michael Iemma
“Disgloo” – Grant Mueller
“Moder” – Youken Tan


Outstanding Beginner Film
“Drunk Girls” – Joshua Grossman
“In a Pickle” – Erin St. Pierre
“Reminiscence” – Michael Iemma
“The Girls” – Enrique Rivera


Outstanding Intermediate Film
“Boy and Girl” – Stephanie Wilmers, Sarah Miller, Ty Schmieder, Dylan Fernandes
“Max and the Reaper” – Cameron Ross, Noah Aust, Joe Holcomb, Manuel Lavalle
“A Family Dinner” – Justin Ney, Robert Fraser, Christiaan Tayhar, James Ricker
“The Itch” – James Finn, Tracey James


Outstanding Cinematography
“The Runway” – Ian Steinbach
“Unbecoming Norah” – Jacquelyn Carriere
“Reem-Mariposa” – Daniel Chamberlain
“The Rest Is Silence” – Mike Anderson


Outstanding Documentary
“Brick by Brick: Stories of Fenway Park” – Luke Fraser, Jacob Ouellette, Kyle Brasseur
“The Strong People” – Heather Hoglund & Matthew Lowe
“Nonni” – Liss Lafleur
“Re-enter: My New Community” – Christine Maroon, Ryan Egan, Gina Varamo, Megan McLoughlin


Outstanding Single-Camera Direction
“Good Soldier” – Jenny Clay
“Sophie” – Liz Fisher
“Permanently Cast” – Zach Grossman
“Freedom Music Video” – Sophia Youssef


Outstanding Cinematic Achievement
“Eve” – Micaela Mielniczenko, Scott Ray
“Le Blue Stella” – Peter Rosati
“The Strong People” – Heather Hoglund & Matthew Lowe
“Sophie” – Liz Fisher