The 31st Annual Evvy Awards


Outstanding News Article
“Finding Those Who Live in the Dark” – Beth Treffeisen

“Foursquare: Boston Businesses Aren’t Checking In” – Kate Spalla
“Pelton Packs Pacific Paintings” – Eric Twardzik
“Salumeria Italiana, a taste of the old country, adapts to digital age” – Melyssa Cantor

Outstanding Review
 Andrea Shea
“Review of Footloose” – Erin Doolin
“Grad Students Test Literary Waters with Reading Series” – Eric Twardzik
“In Defense of Young Adult Fiction” – Taylor Tetreau

Outstanding Sports Article
“Player balances football, fatherhood” – Colleen Casey

“A dangerous and speedy weapon – Evan Sporer
“Heart of a champion” – Colleen Casey
“The Other Side of the Track” – Elizabeth Torres

Outstanding Photography
“Comforting: A mother consoles her son at Boston’s 9/11 memorial.” – Ryan Catalani
“Mayan Sky” – Hope Kauffman
“Western Maine: a portrait” – Brian Annis
“Cave Priest, Lalibela, Ethiopia” – Sophia Solomon

Outstanding Photojournalism
“Live at Outside Lands” – Caitlin Higgins
“Pelton stands in front of the LA campus construction site” – Ryan Catalani
“President Pelton’s Art Collection” – Sarah Verrill
“Authority” – Lauren Foley


Marketing and Advertising

Outstanding Integrated Marketing Campaign
“Museum of Science Weddings” – Maxwell Peters, Marissa Kelley, Benjamin Hicks, Natalie Zhou, Zaina Alhizami

“Google+ Campaign” – Mady Scolnick
“Svedka Vodka Marketing Campaign” – Elijah Clark-Ginsberg, Dana Cornelius, Hilary Kee, William McHugh
“Party Here, Party Now: Svedka Vodka IMC Campaign” – Lexie Fleege, Amelia Jimenez, Allyson Mecca

Outstanding Advertisement
“Speechless Promotional Video” – Megan Lutz, Dawn DiCicco
“Jordan Stillman For Vocal Performer” – Joshua Sackheim, Ross Lippman
“4 Iroquois Teaser Trailer” – Jonathan Hart, David Seekamp
“Hollywood Car Films Episode” – Anthony Esposito

Outstanding Public Relations Campaign
“Museum of Science Weddings” – Maxwell Peters, Marissa Kelley, Benjamin Hicks, Zaina Alhizami, Natalie Zhou
“Body Electric” – Stephanie Miceli , Matt Grossbart , Donna Levin



Outstanding Original Play
“A Missing Hymn Somewhere” – Sebastian McCall
“East North Up” – Ruben Raskin
“Phantoms of the Guild” – Stephanie Mathews
“Rough & Tumble” – Patrick McDonald

Outstanding Poetry
“Cathexis in Cape May” – Caitlin Donahue

“A True Life Fairytale” – Samantha Gordon
“Sil/ence” – Zachary Filkoff
“Poems found in used cars” – Liam Ariel

Outstanding Prose – Fiction
“Sweet” – Eric Twardzik
“Rising Up” – Jon Simmons
“Shotgun” – Natasha Don
“Rules Need Not Apply Here” – Claude Zeins

Outstanding Prose – Non-Fiction
“Žalost” – Tamara Omazic
“Samuel Adams: A Statesman, Incorruptible and Fearless” – Taylor Tetreau
“Renaissance Men” – Eric Twardzik
“Plague Winds in Cyberspace” – Eric Twardzik


Communication Studies

Outstanding Social Advocacy Campaign
“Emerson College It Gets Better Project: Coming Out Stories” – Alex Clarke, Jessica Corwin
“The Iceland Global Project” – Kerry Velez, Alejandro Castillo, Jeremy Sender, Heather Corazzini, Christopher Eyer
“Emerson College It Gets Better Project: On Campus” – Alex Clarke, Jessica Corwin
“Emerson College It Gets Better Project: Advice” – Alex Clarke, Jessica Corwin

Outstanding Political Campaign
“De la Canal 2012: Believe” – Nicholas De la Canal, Allison Singer
“Bringing Mike to You” – Emma Krause
“SGA’s Academic Reform initiatives” – Tau Zaman, Caitlin Higgins, Tanya Flink
“Student Government Association Dining Services Reform Initiatives” – Tau Zaman, Caitlin Higgins, Tanya Flink


Digital Media

Outstanding Internet Broadcast
“Hitler is Rejected from Emerson College” – Claude Zeins
“WECB News Presents: Candidates’ Night Fall 2011” – Melyssa Cantor, Kate Spalla, Nicholas De La Canal
“4 Iroquois” – Bryan Rogers
“Adventures in Boston: Bovas” – Liam Ariel

Outstanding Blog
“Emerson Fashion Society” – Kate Spalla
“Just Off Mainstream” – Ryan Pfleiderer
“Beyond the Moat” – Jenna Nagler, Matthew Chase Finn
“WECB News” – Melyssa Cantor

Outstanding Video Blog
“The Side Dish” – Katelyn Hollenbeck, Ariana Sigel, Alyssa Altman, Alex Trivilino
“EVERYTHING ENAMOR: Boston Fashion Week” – Taylor Meacham, Kate Spalla
“How to Analyze Facebook Insights to Improve Your Content Strategy” – Anum Hussain
“Midterm Ramblings” – Jordan Stillman

Outstanding Web Design
“The Berkeley Beacon” – Ryan Catalani

“EIV News” – Joshua Sackheim, Kevin Cochran
“Emerson Fashion Society” – Kate Spalla
“WECB News”  – Melyssa Cantor



Outstanding Beginner Video
“Yes Today” – Yuhaojie Zheng
“Fill In The Blank” – Yuhaojie Zheng
“Dream and Memory” – Yuhaojie Zheng
“Dream Hits – Meat” – Zachary Kornfield

Outstanding Multi-Camera Direction
“EIV News: Live at 9” – Kevin Cochran
“The EVVY Awards Vocal Showcase” – Kevin Cochran
“Good Morning Emerson” – Rebecca Wahle
“EIV News: Live at 9” – Erin Mulligan

Outstanding Field TV Series
“Reel Reactions” – Jamiesen Borak, Leslie Diana

“Internment” – Jordan Perry, Zachary Bernstein
“The Roger Episode” – Marlowe Griffin Lyddon, Roger Ouellette, Benjamin Kabialis, Quinn Marcus
“Ten Days in New Hampshire” – Liam Ariel

Outstanding Studio TV Series
“Trending” – Collin Kittredge Smith, Kelsey Solywoda

“The Uplink” – Rob Barton, Steve Selnick
“Good Morning Emerson” – Dawn DiCicco, Megan Lutz
“The EVVY Awards Vocal Showcase” – Matt Caruso, Natalie Casper, Emily Freund

Outstanding News Program
“The Uplink” – Rob Barton, Steve Selnick
“Good Morning Emerson” – Dawn DiCicco, Megan Lutz
“WEBN-TV 2012 Iowa Caucus Special” – Satenik Karapetyan , Kate Spalla
“Ten Days in New Hampshire” – Liam Ariel, Ben Tan

Outstanding Television News Segment
“Backyard Boston: Duck Boat Tours” – Jordan Baker, Heather Hoglund
“Old School vs New in Boston Council Race” – Joshua Sackheim
“Charlestown” –  Jaclyn Cangro
“Backyard Boston: Broadway in Boston” – Jordan Baker, Heather Hoglund

Outstanding Television Reporter
Jaclyn Cangro
Irena Zofchak
Joshua Sackheim
Kate Spalla

Outstanding Radio News Program
“Revisiting Southie” – Joshua Sackheim

“You Are Here – The South End” – Joshua Sackheim
“Who is Little Donna?” – Nicholas de la Canal
“The Velocitip System” – Nicholas de la Canal


Behind the Scenes

Outstanding Editing
“NIGHT WORE ON” – Jake Topkis
“Sever” – Taylor Meacham
“Most Likely” – Rachel Globe, Ellen Dickson
“Commonwealth” – Ian Curran

Outstanding Motion Graphics
“Backyard Boston Title Sequence” – Matt Rudinski, Dylan Winter
“Bearstronaut – Moniker Music Video Teaser” – Matt Rudinski
“Fable” – Thomas Pettinelli, Auston Ricketts, Kyle Haley, Bilali Mack, Todd Greenberg, Anya Dubble Olson, Jen Chia
“Orientation Core Staff Video 2011” – Alfonso Carrion

Outstanding Live Audio Mix
“EIV News: Live at 9” – Megan Lutz
“The Uplink” – Ryland Roberts, Megan Lutz
“Musicians Wanted” – Ryland Roberts
“The EVVY Awards Vocal Showcase” – Ryland Roberts, Megan Lutz

Outstanding Multi-Track Recording
“Suffocating” – Justin Chun, Jordan Stillman
“Out The Door” – Robert Chen
“Tonight I’m Gonna Blow” – Charles Makary
“New York” – Robert Chen

Outstanding Production Design for Screen
“Shake, Rattle, Roll” – Devynne Lauchner
“War Dogs” – Nick Haridopolos, Ali Rubinfeld
“Pitch Battle 2” – Ted Marsden, Caitilin Lynch
“Batman: Code of the Knight” – Paul Goleburn

Outstanding Sound Design for Screen
“The Womanhood” – Emily Smith
“Fable” – Edgar Rosa, Justin Chun
“All Lit Up Trailer” – Robert Chen
“617 The Series – Episode 1: The Pilot” – Robert Chen

Outstanding Writing for Comedy
“Modern Family – Study Buddies” – Samantha Gordon
“RAMROD – Pilot” – Zachary Ehrlich
“Parks and Recreation – Website” – Olivia McLean
“Parks and Recreation – Waffle Brunch” – Alex Trivilino

Outstanding Writing for Drama
“Super Zero” – Neil McNeil
“One Killer Musical” – Neil McNeil, Tim Zientek
“On Ascension Island” – Joseph Hamilton
“The Art of Falling in Love” – Patrick Heywood



Outstanding Sound Design
“Cloud 9” – Erik Skovgaard
“Nursing” – Erik Skovgaard
“Paraffin” – Erik Skovgaard
“Rough & Tumble” – Mike Stanton

Outstanding Choreography
“Darling: A New Musical” – Tobey Zaretsky
“Sweet Charity” – Alberto Familiar
“X Dance” – Ashley Maietta
“X Dance” – Wynn Harrison

Outstanding Direction
“Darling: A New Musical” – Michael Bello
“Fool for Love” – Alex Neher
“Grey Gardens” – Scotty Anderson
“Sweet Charity” – Alberto Familiar

Outstanding Costume Design
“She Loves Me” – Patria Ferragamo
“Rough & Tumble” – Patria Ferragamo
“Darling: A New Musical” – Haley Vigil
“Cloud 9” – Juliana Gregori

Outstanding Lighting Design
“Robin Hood” – Kirk Miller
“She Loves Me” – Joe Petrowski
“Cloud 9” – Devin Jewett
“Darling: A New Musical” – Kevin Semagin

Outstanding Scenic Design
“Glory Days” – Joe Petrowski
“Twilight Los Angeles: 1992” – Jeffrey Eichert
“Darling: A New Musical” – Anne Sherer
“Sugar Witch” – Christopher Kavanah, Jacqueline Ziegler

Outstanding Theatrical Production
“Dancing at Lughnasa” – Mercutio Troupe
“Darling: A New Musical” – Retrop Productions & RareWorks Theatre Company
“Fool for Love” – Mercutio Troupe
“Sweet Charity” – Musical Theatre Society



Outstanding Lead Male Actor for Stage
“Darling: A New Musical” – Max Sangerman

“Fool for Love” – Ben Kabialis
“Nursing” – Brian Cowe
“Sweet Charity” – Gabe Gibbs

Outstanding Lead Female Actor for Stage
“Darling: A New Musical” – Lauren Chapman
“Fool for Love” – Kelly Voke
“Grey Gardens” – Mariah MacFarlane
“The Three Sisters” – Kristen DiMercurio

Outstanding Supporting Male Actor for Stage
“Darling: A New Musical” – Eric Maxwell
“Fool for Love” – Lee Benzaquin
“Rough & Tumble” – Robert Carroll
“Sweet Charity” – Jake Novak

Outstanding Supporting Female Actor for Stage
“Dancing at Lughnasa” – Emily Skeggs
“Darling: A New Musical” – Chelsea Williams
“Grey Gardens” – Lizzie Milanovich
“Nursing” – Landry Allbright

Outstanding Male Actor for Screen
“The Tower” – Patrick Heywood
“Novi Sad” – Nijazi Jusufi
“Down and Outbound” – Brian Lieberman
“Foreign” – Srda Vasiljevic

Outstanding Female Actor for Screen
“A Foolish Companion” – Landry Allbright
“Haymaker” – Rachel Lindsay
“Less Than Hero” – Emily Enters
“Most Likely” – Melina Chadbourne

Outstanding Radio Personality
Zara Neifield
Ben Burstein and Robben Barquist
Katleen St. Fleur
Martin Grossinger

Outstanding Television Personality
Irena Zofchak

Collin Kittredge Smith
Jordan Moncada
Ross Lippman



Outstanding Animated Program
“How To Start The Morning – Emerson Channel Promo” – Adam Burnier
“Ice Cream” – Peter Rosati
“The Gulf” – Rickey Downes
“Cat vs. Mouse” – Charles Makary

Outstanding Beginner Film
“Allie Hayes’ Rebel Girls” – Allie Hayes

“The Aquatic Adventures of the Captain and Tennille” – Kelly Roderick
“Andrew’s Commercenter” – Todd Greenberg
“Lost in Bereavement” – John Lewis

Outstanding Intermediate Film
“A Resolute Manner” – Jenna Flamberg
“A Foolish Companion” – Kryzz Gautier
“Fable” – Edgar Rosa, Ryan Perry, Claude Zeins
“Haymaker” – Alfonso Carrion

Outstanding Cinematography
“Foundling” – Daniel Finlayson
“Anjelica” – Daniel Finlayson
“The Requiem” – Daniel Finlayson
“War Dogs” – Nick Haridopolos

Outstanding Documentary
“Merrimack Hockey: All-Access” – Maxwell Collins
“Bible Bob” – Brian Kitson, Zak Levine
“Market of Faith” – Sophia Solomon, Kerri Lines
“Ten Days in New Hampshire” – Liam Ariel, Ben Tan

Outstanding Single-Camera Direction
“NIGHT WORE ON” – Jake Topkis
“Commonwealth” – Ian Curran
“4 Iroquois: Episode 4 – “It’s Iroquois Shore, B*tch”” – Jonathan Hart
“All Lit Up” – Olivier Loranger Gagnon, Kryzz Gautier

Outstanding Cinematic Achievement
“Bad Kids” – Peter Rosati
“A Foolish Companion” – Kryzz Gautier
“War Dogs” – Nick Haridopolos
“Market of Faith” – Sophia Solomon, Kerri Lines